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Welcome to a new age in the evolution of the human being — a time when female beauty and sexuality are finally freed. Welcome to the world of SuperBeauty.Org.

SuperBeauty.Org is a group of independent websites united in a modern movement to change the world and improve the human condition through the creation, admiration, understanding, moral defence and political protection of female beauty and sexuality throughout the world.

We believe that with the exception of the human mind, there is no more powerful and moral tool for human survival, success and happiness than the female body. We believe it turns women into goddesses, not anorexics or sluts. We believe it turns men into lovers, fathers, creators and providers, not monsters. Rather than robbing children of their innocence, we believe it gives them their very lives, and turns them into healthy adults, not perverts. Rather than eventually destroying the world, we believe it is here to save it. Thus we believe that the attacks we see on female beauty and/or the women who possess and use it are attacks on all of us, on our children, on our motivation and moral rectitude, on our future, and on our essential humanity.

These attacks must end.

We are here to oppose them.

If you would like to see what the world looks like when women and their beauty are finally allowed to freely work their wonders, we invite you to enjoy the websites at SuperBeauty.Org. If you have a site devoted to female beauty or to an inspiring beautiful women, send us the link to your website and we'll tell you how to get started.

The time is now to let the whole world see female beauty naked in all her power and glory. Put a SuperBeauty.Org banner or link on your site. Join us in helping female beauty to make the world a more beautiful — and better — place.

Beauty will save the world. But it could use a little help from us.

— D.Bell

May 25, 2003.

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What does the world look like when women and their beauty are allowed to freely work their wonders? Let's find out together. Enjoy the websites at SuperBeauty.Org and support our fight for female beauty. It's what heroes are supposed to do.


Check out the pin-ups and beauty videos by Body in Mind creator D.Bell, here.

1. Craig Robertson Online Art Gallery

      Daily IN: 16 | OUT: 2

2. I C H O R - Fine Art Nudes

      Daily IN: 3 | OUT: 2

3. Eric Wallis Art Originals

      Daily IN: 2 | OUT: 0

4. David Allio - Digital Art and Photography

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 1

5. A.D. Cook Fine Art - Realistic Figurative Art

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 1

6. Jacques Miller nudes

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 0

7. Femairies

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 2

8. Fabien Clesse - Painter

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 0

9. Elena's Art

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 1

10. Eros Art Studios

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 2

11. Sirens in the Making

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 0

12. Draw You Nude

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 1

13. Nude Drawer

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 1

14. Enormous Publications

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 5

15. Booty Babe Art

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 1

16. WOMAN: The Erotic Art Sculptures of Lorlei

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 0

17. Thony Perrudin - Paintings of Beautiful Women

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 0

18. Zeppellina

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 1

19. Drawings by Martin Butler

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 1

20. Barnstudio: Figures & Fantasy

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 1

21. Norman Engel Fine Art

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 0

22. Goddess of War - Art and Photography

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 1

23. Goddess Art - Mythic Naturalism

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 1

24. Pin-Ups by D.Bell

      Daily IN: 1 | OUT: 3

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The fight for female beauty starts here, and it starts now! Stay tuned to see how it turns out...




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